All About Gardens - Services


All About Gardens provides a complete range of garden services for both residential and commercial customers in North Bay. Our enthusiastic team of gardeners combine their years of gardening expertise with a strong work ethic
to provide quality service!

Garden Maintenance: we offer a wide range of seasonal and regular maintenance programs structured to meet your specific needs and budget.

Garden Installation: we can do it all... from start to finish. We supply all nursery stock, perennial & annual plants, soil, mulch, edging and hard work!

All About Gardens

Garden Design

Restoration of overgrown gardens

Spring & Fall clean up including debris removal

Planting: annuals, perennials, shrubs & trees


Fertilizing and soil amending with natural products


Pruning : shrubs, hedges, and trees up to 3 metres

Special Occasions: wedding, birthday, store opening, real estate listings

Cottage and Vacation Home maintenance programs


Sorry, we currently don't offer lawn mowing - but we'll be happy to recommend a reputable company.

Our experienced staff of gardeners are available to help you with a wide range of gardening services.

Call All About Gardens at 705-752-2633 to discuss your next garden project!